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January 2nd, 2017
Author: Paula Quinn    Series: Rulers of the Sky #1

Marcus is a Drakkon as ancient as the stars, stronger than a mountain, and the last of his kind. Men now rule the earth. The time of the Drakkon is over thanks to the legendary Phoenix Amber and the Council of Elders who use its power to transform Drakkon into humans. When the Council discovers he may be hiding a treasure worth more than any dragon horde, they will stop at nothing to have it and transform him against his will.

Being human is worse than anything Marcus could have imagined. His brilliant cerulean scales are gone, replaced with paltry skin he is sure could not even stop a bird if one flew into him. But worse than imprisonment in a male body are the awakenings of unfamiliar human desires that are nothing like the animal urges that were so easily satisfied as a Drakkon— emotions like loneliness that make him seek out companionship with a woman who, unfortunately for him, happens to be a sweetly-scented virgin.

Samantha Montgomery isn’t about to go to bed with a man who believes he used to be a reptile, especially one whose smoldering smiles make her think of being consumed alive by fire, and loving it. A romance writer and product of the New York State foster care system, Sam just wants some normalcy in her life. She’ll never get it with Marcus. Should it matter that his wickedly passionate touch tempts her to yield all, even if all he wants is her virtue? He is everything she doesn’t want in a man. Fear of commitment is one thing, not loving anyone or anything for ten centuries is another. But he won’t leave her castle. He’s arrogant, proud, and a bit delusional as to his abilities, but despite all his infuriating ways, including reading her mind and ceaselessly trying to convince her that the knights she writes about were useless beings clad in metal, he works his way into her life by fixing what’s broken; from the stone wall outside her battle-beaten castle to the wall around her heart.

When Marcus discovers the treasure that prompted his transformation, he must make a choice. Give up his human heart and save the Drakkon race, or surrender his heart to love and remain a man forever.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

I follow numerous authors on Facebook, which Paula Quinn is one of them, so I happened to stumble across this book on her page. Usually I am not a fantasy reader, but however I do enjoy an occasional book on paranormal – usually vampires / werewolves etc etc -, but I have never read a book about dragons, or lets say a book about dragons whom transform into people. But for some reason the small teaser excerpt that Paula posted on her Facebook page promoting the release of her new fantasy series had me curious about it, wondering if it would be good. So that led me to purchasing it to find out for myself. Let me say I was pleasantly surprised with this book and I really did enjoy it quite a bit, so much so that I would continue on with this series to see what is in store for the other drakkon characters.

A single cotton sheet covered him up to his bare chest. One arm was hidden beneath it, while the other arm was thrown over his head. Soft raven waves splashed his pillow, surrounded by muscle. Sam felt his forehead with the back of her fingers, checking for a fever, and careful not to wake him. He shifted on the bed and the sheet slipped off his bent knee. Sam’s eyes followed the curve of his strong legs and suppressed the urge to touch him. Are you missing me? Perhaps, a little. She smiled, watching him come awake. When he opened his eyes, he gazed at her with a look of such replete yearning she grew weak and sat next to him on the bed. She forgot her misgivings, all of them, and touched her fingers to his face. “Forgive me for poisoning you. I didn’t know.” “I know.” He smiled at her. “Forgive me for being a monster.” She nodded and let him entwine his fingers through hers as he sat up. “I felt you missing me,” he said, leaning in toward her. There was a spark of wonder in his gaze that made her want to smile. “I liked it. Do it again.” Sam blushed and his smile grew into a wide, sensual grin. “You would have to go away for me to miss you.” “Maybe I shall go away then.” She shook her head. “I’ll never forgive you if you do.”
“What are you?” His gaze moved over her face, brooding, moody, with a hint of menace. “I’m Drakkon, remember?” “Oh, dear God!” She covered her eyes with her hand, hoping, praying that when she looked again, he wouldn’t be there. “Please go away. Please go away,” she chanted. “Oh, please, please go away.” She felt his large hands cover her much smaller one and froze as he pulled her fingers gently away from her face. “I will not hurt you,” he promised in that sensually husky, sorcerer’s voice; a voice that had plagued Sam since he had disappeared. He swept his gaze over her face and then her wispy, chestnut locks secured to her head by various little clips in haphazard places. “I did not realize how fair you were when I first saw you, Sam.” “You’re not real.” “But I am.”

I really enjoyed Marcus / Marrkiya. He is a 1000 year old Aqua drakkon – dragon – with cerulean colored eyes and scales and is the most feared and thought to be the last of their kind among the drakkon species. He is very arrogant and doesn’t care what others think of him, so he does as he pleases. He is transformed into a human by Padgora, the leader of the drakkons, which Marcus doesn’t take kindly too. He thinks humans are a nuisance to the world and it does not please him to be one. While he plans revenge against Padgora for taking away his drakkon form, he gets quite a bit distracted with a human – Samantha – whom he first meets by falling from the sky, through her stable roof. He is drawn to her because he can sense she is a Virgin – drakkons can sense virgins, which they crave their pure essence -, but since he is now a human, he discovers that he is plagued with the emoticons that humans develop when they meet that special someone.

He liked the way she looked, the way she looked at him, and the thoughts she had about him that made her cheeks grow pink. He’d felt her fear, and while he found enjoyment at the idea of others fearing him, he didn’t like it in Sam. Oddly, it made him want to protect her, to comfort her the way she had tried to comfort him the first night he’d changed into a man. He hadn’t forgotten her gentle, soothing voice on the worst day of his life.
“Ellie has also been reading your story of Sir Tristan to me,” he said, interrupting her thoughts, “and while I find your affinity toward knights rather irritating,” He tossed her a scowl, proving how difficult the past two weeks must have been for poor Ellie. “I think I now have a better understanding of what you desire in a companion.” “Do you?” The thought of him sitting through her weepy love stories turned Sam’s heart soft. No guy had ever wanted to understand her that bad. But before she had time to contemplate the advantages or consequences of this man crawling any deeper into her psyche, he moved toward her, temptation incarnate, all dark and dangerous and weakened by his need for her. “Send Eric away.” His warm breath danced over her lips as he bent toward her and cupped her cheek in his palm. “And let me show you what I have learned, Sam.”

As his feelings grow, he tries to woo Sam, which he makes a muck of as he is clueless on how to woo anyone, yet alone a human woman. I loved how he tries his darnest to learn the ways of human courting and even goes to the brink of reading her romance books that she has penned to learn how to win her heart. He is also highly jealous of any other male human that Samantha encounters, as drakkons are very possessive of what they consider is theirs. At first he badly wants to return to his drakkon form, but as the story progresses and so does his feelings for Sam, his mind starts to change and he questions himself on whether he really does want to be a drakkon and lose Sam or be a human and stay with her.

He closed his arms around her and drew her in closer. He stared into her eyes, lost in some speechless awe she made him feel. And then he lifted her off her feet, beating his great wings until they were high above her home. Sam couldn’t breathe, she was so afraid. She held her arms around his neck so tightly she was sure she was strangling him. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the strength in his arms as he brought her straight up, higher and higher. “I won’t let you go, Samantha.” He pressed his lips against her ear and flapped harder, letting exhilaration fill her, the ecstasy of flying with him consume her.
“Marcus?” Sam gasped on a breath, “Where is that music coming from?” She’d dreamed this the day he’d returned to her, hadn’t she? Lost in some glorious dance with him while they flew wrapped in each other’s arms. What did it mean? She looked up at him when he didn’t answer. His eyes poured into hers and then he blinked as if coming out of a spell and looked away. He knew what the music meant, but he wasn’t saying. Her heart crashed and she clutched him more tightly. He soared even higher until she closed her eyes and sucked in a soft gasp of the thin air. “It’s hard to breathe, Marcus.” Bending his head to hers, he captured her mouth and breathed air into her lungs. When he withdrew, he smiled at her and she smiled back. With a gentle shrug, he flexed his wings and she swirled with him toward the clouds, around and around until she grew dizzy and laughed in his tight embrace. He kissed her again, this time to the powerful, ancient echoes of a melody taught to the Drakkon alone.
“Did you finally tire of Thomas’s babbling?” She held her ground, even if the sound of his deep, rumbling voice turned her to damned butter. “Thomas doesn’t babble,” she retorted with a cheeky smile and slammed the door shut. “At least he doesn’t boss me around.” Marcus scowled and her heart ached. “Boss. What does that mean?” Crossing the room, Sam kicked her slippers off her feet and threw herself on the bed. “It means he doesn’t tell me what to do. He doesn’t think he owns me, nor does he want to.” Marcus left his chair and stalked over to the bed and stood over her. “Own you?” he repeated with a hooded look and a tight clenching of his jaw. “That’s right.” Sam looked up at him. “He’s not an oaf…like you.” “I’m not an oaf, Sam.” His anger flared right along with stung pride. “You are, Marcus.” “I’ve been called many things, but I don’t like being called an oaf by you.” Sam almost sighed dreamily into his face. He was so completely honest, so bare and open. When his heart felt something, he said it without reserve or double meaning. But he was so arrogant. “You don’t truly prefer Thomas over me, do you?” She wanted to laugh at his puffed-up pride that belied the worry in his eyes. What a fool he was to even suggest it. “Well, he does have pretty hair.” She squealed with laughter when he swooped down on her and lifted her in his arms. He pressed kisses to her neck and collarbone that tickled her belly and made her laugh even more. “Forgive my anger, Sam.” He stopped kissing long enough to gaze down at her. “You have become very important to me. The thought of someone else…” She quieted him by leaning up to kiss his mouth. “There’s no one else. There’s only you.” He pushed her down on the bed and began undressing her. “Marry me, Sam.” She looked up, confused. “What?” “Marry me. Tomorrow. And then I’ll be your husband and I can own you properly.” He laughed when Sam punched him in the arm and then he finished undressing her.

I have never read a book by Paula yet – I plan to read her Highander series -, but I will commend her for her great imagination for writing this book. As I stated above, I am really not a fantasy person but I did like how she created her own world for the drakkons, their characteristics, their own language which is featured throughout the book in the dialog, plus how some of the drakkons keep some of their traits when they are transformed into human form – telepathy, immortality, and how Marcus kept his wings which are hidden behind tattoos on his arms and back. So as I finished this book, I cannot wait to see what is in store for the other drakkon characters of this book – Thomas, Tabitha, Garion, etc etc.

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