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A Night Like This

Author: Julia Quinn    Series: Smythe-Smith Quartet #2

Anne Wynter might not be who she says she is…

But she’s managing quite well as a governess to three highborn young ladies. Her job can be a challenge – in a single week she finds herself hiding in a closet full of tubas, playing an evil queen in a play that might be a tragedy (or might be a comedy – no one is sure), and tending to the wounds of the oh-so-dashing Earl of Winstead. After years of dodging unwanted advances, he’s the first man who has truly tempted her, and it’s getting harder and harder to remind herself that governess has no business flirting with nobleman.

Daniel Smythe-Smith might be in mortal danger…

But that’s not going to stop the young earl from falling in love. And when he spies a mysterious woman at his family’s annual musicale, he vows to pursue her, even if that means spending his days with a ten-year-old who thinks she’s a unicorn. But Daniel has an enemy, one who has vowed to see him dead. And when Anne is thrown into peril, he will stop at nothing to ensure their happy ending…

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

After enjoying Just Like Heaven and absolutely loving its humor, I dove straight into A Night Like This, which was just as entertaining.

We first meet our heroine, Anne, at the annual Symthe-Smith concert, fill in for Sarah on the piano. She isn’t related to them, but is the governess to the younger Pleinsworth girls – Harriet, Elizabeth, & Frances. Daniel, our hero and brother to Honoria from JLH, sees Anne and he is completely smitten. He just has to know who she is, so he follows her after her stand in performance. He finds her, asks who she is, shamelessly flirts with er, and steals a kiss. Wanting to see her again, he asks when he can call on her, which she tells him che can’t due to her position with the Pleinsworths. So being the ever persistent man he is, he calls on his cousins – Sarah, Harriet, Elizabeth, and Frances – so he can use his visit as an excuse to pursue Anne. If he has to spend his days with his eccentric play writing cousin plus one whom is obsessed with unicorns and thinks she is one all to be around Anne, well his sanity is worth the sacrifice. He relentlessly pursues her and flirts with her something awful. By this point, the man is full blown smitten with Anna, wanting to kiss her every time he turns around, so much so that she results to eating kippers to keep him at bay.

Due to Anne being the Pleinsworth girl’s governess, she, along with Daniel get roped into doing one of Harriet’s many plays where he continuously, again, teases and flirts with Anne, so much so that Harriet and Frances finds it highly entertaining, so much so, that it could be possible material for a future play of Harriet’s. Soon Anne begins to fall for Daniel but she knows she can’t be with him as he is an Earl and she considers herself a nobody – which Daniel disagrees, wanting her to be his anyways, that he can marry anyone he damn well pleases.

When Daniel visits the Pleinsworth house, Anne is gone, no one knowing where she vanished to. Daniel is livid that no one came to tell him that she is gone, making Sarah question why it was his concern and he states he is going to marry her. After leaving Pleinsworh house, Anne is apprehended by a man – George Chervil – from her past who seeks revenge on her, but lucky she gets away and Daniel finds her. He tells Anne that he plans to marry her, that she’ll never be his mistress, tells her he loves her and that he wants everyone to know that she is his.

Once again, George Chervil shows up at Pleinsworth house, this time he has Frances, and he forces Anne to go with him. George is a mad man, yellow and demanding all the men she has been with, which she tells him none, lying to him about her and Daniel. She tells him that Daniel is her fiance, which he doesn’t believe her, thinking her a foolish girl. Not long after, Daniel and Hugh find her. Daniel threatens Chervil, telling him he will let him live but not anywhere near the British Isles, that he and his wife must leave. Daniel embraces Anne, tell her everything is going to be fine now and asks her to marry him again.

My, my, but Daniel was such a rascal. I absolutely loved his teasing and flirtatious ways. Plus he was a super persistent with Anne – when he wanted something, he went after it until he got it. He was an absolute joy to read about.

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