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A Lady Never Surrenders

February 24th, 2018
Author: Sabrina Jeffries    Series: Hellions of Halstead Hall #5

Lady Celia Sharpe has always been wary of marriage…but now her future depends on it.

With two months left to find a husband and fulfill her grandmother’s ultimatum, Celia sets her sights on three eligible bachelors. Becoming betrothed to one of these wealthy, high-ranking men will surely prove her capable of getting married, so hopefully the wedding itself won’t be necessary for Celia to receive her inheritance. Step two of her audacious plan is hiring the dark and dangerously compelling Bow Street Runner, Jackson Pinter, to investigate the three men she’s chosen.

With Lady Celia bedeviling Jackson’s days and nights, the last thing he wants is to help her find a husband. And when she recalls shadowed memories that lead his investigation into her parents’ mysterious deaths in a new direction, putting her in danger, Jackson realizes the only man he wants Celia to marry is himself!

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

As this serious come to an end – minus Pierce’s novella – I have thoroughly enjoyed every book and every Sharpe sibling. Even though I liked ALL the heroes, I believe my two favorites are Oliver, Lord Stoneville, and Jackson Pinter.

I could tell Celia and Pinter’s book was gonna be good from all the tension that radiated from them in the previous books. Pinter has been working for the Sharpe’s for nearly a year and while doing so, he secretly pines for Celia. Every time she enters the same room as him, his eyes always follows her. He feels that he is below her station in life, that a man like him who was born to an unwed mother isn’t worthy of someone like her, but his thoughts don’t last long as Celia has hired him to look into three so called possible suitors. With three suitors sniffing around Celia, Pinter becomes jealous and does anything he can to jeopardize her chances of marrying as he feels none of the are good enough for her. His jealously and feelings get the best of him when he steals, well technically not steal as Celia lets him, a couple kisses, which heats his blood even more. As the book goes along, he has thoughts of marrying her, making her his wife, but he is still somewhat torn, plus Hetty’s meddling doesn’t help the ‘ol boy either. But eventually his feelings for Celia overcome his doubts and he decides he wants her in his life, permanently.

For me, Pinter really stood out from the other heroes. I like how he was enamored with Celia for quite sometime an he was the first to say I love you to Celia. His background is different, he isn’t of noble blood, he is from middle class England, but led a somewhat hard life to to his mother having him out of wedlock, which at that time, people considered him a bastard and some think less of him for it. He has worked hard to build himself up to where he is. His background, mysterious unreadable appearance and raspy voice – this is due to his larynx being crushed as a boy – just resonated with me and made him a unique hero who stood out. I loved his and Celia’s banter throughout the book and I’m so glad they got together, FINALLY.

Also I am glad to find out who truly killed Prudence and Lewis. I felt like it was someone right under their nose all along, which I was right, but I could never really pin who it was. Even though Lewis wasn’t faithful to his wife, it seem that he did care for her in his own ways by what he did in the end.

After reading this wonderful, entertaining series, I will lump Sabrina Jeffries into my favorite historical romance author list. I will defiantly check out more of her books in the near future.

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