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The Husband Maneuver

June 21st, 2016
Author: Karen Witemeyer    Series: A Worthy Pursuit #1.5

1890s Texas

Marietta Hawkins has been in love with ranch foreman Daniel Barrett since she came home from school three years ago. Unfortunately, her father’s rule about hands not fraternizing with his daughter has kept him out of reach. She believed patience would prove a virtue in winning him over–until now. He is leaving. Starting up his own spread. To have any hope of maneuvering him into a proposal, she has to act fast or lose him forever. Fans of A Worthy Pursuit will enjoy seeing these characters again!

My Review

In my eyes, Karen Witemeyer can do no wrong. She always writes entertaining stories with such witty banter and dialog. I have read just about every one of her books and none of them have disappointed me yet. If you are familiar with Karen’s books – A Worthy Pursuit -, then you might, or should I say you ‘should’ remember our hero, Daniel Barrett aka Dead Eye Dan, and heroine, Marietta ‘Etta’ Hawkins, from this story as secondary characters.

Ever since she’d come home from school three years ago, she’d been burrowing under his skin, itching like a host of chigger bites. He kept telling himself not to scratch, but invariably he did anyway, fool that he was. And here he was scratching again, thinking about her when he should be focused on the work at hand.

Etta has be in love with Daniel for 3 years, and wishes he would show the same interest in her but her father has a rule that no ranch hands can ever pursue or form a relationship with his daughter. Etta isn’t aware, but that is the exact reason why Daniel is leaving, buying his own spread to start his own ranch so he can finally act on his feelings for Etta. But she thinks he is leaving for good, so she decides to take things in her own hands, aiming to wrangle a proposal out of the man that she has pined years for.

Yet he followed her, stalked her, his eyes never straying from her face. “I don’t care about the books.” “What?” Marietta knocked into a chair and stumbled slightly. “I don’t care that you like to read those infernal Dead-Eye Dan novels,” he said, his voice hard, insistent. “Shoot, I’ll even buy you a new set to replace the ones you burned.” He continued his advance. She continued her retreat. “You don’t have to do that. I . . . I don’t need them anymore.” She backed past the table into an area free of furniture. Nothing to hold on to for support. Nothing to hide behind. “Yes, you do!” He shouted that comment. Marietta flinched. “The books are important.” He scowled at her. “You can’t go around saying you love them one minute and then toss them away the next. It ain’t right.” Marietta stopped. Peered up at the man bearing down on her. Then tilted her head to assess him. Her heart gave a hopeful little leap. “We’re not talking about books, are we?”

Even though this was quicky – less than 100 pages – it was still good and had that spark that Karen always manages to give her books. I absolutely loved it, but yet again, I am a bit biased as I love anything Karen writes.

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