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Sweet Nothings

July 21st, 2016
Author: Catherine Anderson    Series: Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan #3

When Molly Wells showed up at Jake Coulter’s ranch, she had nothing but some extra clothes, a stolen horse, and a fear of her ex-husband that threatened to rule her life.

She’d heard Jake was a real-life horse whisperer-and perhaps the only man alive who could help the beautiful stallion that her ex-husband had so bitterly abused. But she had no idea that Jake’s talents would work their magic on her, with the same power to gain her trust, give her strength, and whisper away her deepest fears.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

With being third in the Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan series, let me say Sweet Nothings didn’t disappoint. I loved every bit of it, which that doesn’t surprise me as I love just about anything Catherine writes. She can do no wrong in my book. I loved the idea for the title ‘Sweet Nothings’ and really, really, REALLY liked the meaning behind it. It was so sweet and cute – you’ll have to read it to find out.

Molly is your typical young woman whom is plagued with serious self conscious issues. When I say typical, what I mean is, that when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see a beautiful, radiant woman, she just sees someone that isn’t pretty and thinks how can anyone be attracted to her, which a lot of us feels like this at times. A big part of that stems from her ex-husband who constantly degraded her and brought her self esteem to an ultimate low. There was always something he put her down about. He was just an awful man whom was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, only showing his true self to Molly, while showing everyone else and outsiders a perfect spotless man. He even goes to the length of staging things to make Molly think she is crazy and to make others around her to think she is cracking up, which he eventually has her committed to a psychiatric ward for his own personal gain and benefits. With the help of a doctor, Molly gets out of the psychiatric ward and a divorce from her husband. She leaves, taking his prized horse, Sonora Sunset whom he abused, to The Lazy J, where she has heard that the owner is a honorary ‘horse whisper’, hoping that he can fix the horse’s issues.

I really loved Jake. He is your typical drool worthy man, with tan skin, beautiful blue eyes, sable hair, tall, and just plum chiseled all over cowboy. When Molly first lays eyes on him, her thoughts is, ‘he sure isn’t no Robert Redford’. Him and his brother Hank, own, and work at the Lazy J with horses and the word is, he is one of the best people to work with troubled horses, therefore that is why Molly thinks he is the ‘horse whisper’. Molly has no money to pay him for his help, so Jake proposes that she work as his housekeeper to make up for the fees needed to pay for Sunset’s stay. Being horse smart, Jake soon realizes that the horse isn’t hers, that he is stolen, which he knows if Molly finds that out that he knows this, she will flee.

Molly is different from all the other women Jake has ever been with. She is shorter (5’4, if my memory is correct) and curvy. He finds her whiskey colored hair and butterscotch eyes just beautiful. He was pretty much taken with her early on in the book. He told her how beautiful and pretty she was, but Molly just didn’t believe it, and thought he was plum nuts for thinking that. I loved how Jake tried to get Molly to see herself through his eyes, to see that she is beautiful just the way she is, that she is perfect in every way. It took her some time to overcome her major self esteem issues, but with Jake’s sweet nature, and loving words, she eventually comes out of her shell and shines. He was just perfect for her. The perfect dose of medicine that the doctor would order.

One of my ultimate, favorite scenes was the rotor scene. Jake thinks that if he removed the rotor from her car, that she can’t leave. He figures that she probably isn’t too car smart – thinks she probably doesn’t even know how to change her oil for peat sakes! – so he removes her car’s rotor to keep her from leaving. Lets just say he was wrong, Molly is ‘car smart’ and she did notice her rotor missing moments later, which she raises a ruckus about, demanding that he give it back to her right this instant. That scene was absolutely hilarious!

All in all, this book was pretty perfect for me. I believe Jake is what made it so great with how he was patient and sweet with her. I for one cannot wait to continue on to the next book to see what ‘ol Hank has in store for him.

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