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The Dark Lord

Author: Kathryn Le Veque    Series: Titans #1

The year is 1180 A.D.

And times are very dark. England is lawless for the most part and the people live in fear. Rising to power during this time is the vicious and brutal knight Ajax de Velt. His mission is to conquer a large stretch of the Scots and Welsh border, commandeering wealth and property along the way. He wants to be the most feared and powerful warlord in all of England, Wales and Scotland, and he is well on his way.

The last in a long line of dark and brutal warriors, Ajax is the most ruthless and ambitious knight in the Isles; even the heartiest warriors fear the man for his cold blooded tactics. More than that, his bloodlust, as well as his sheer skill with a blade, is legendary. But as Ajax and his army conquer the latest castle in his plans to secure the borders, he unexpectedly meets his match in a spitfire of a woman named Kellington Coleby.

Beautiful, intelligent and feisty, Lady Kellington refuses to surrender to the man as handsome as he is brutal.

The warlord and the maiden go head to head in this unforgettable story of love, battle, devotion, fear and adventure.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

Having not read a book by this author, I’d thought I’d give them a try since I enjoy stories about knights but I’ve never read one that had blood thirsty knights in them as these do – which I don’t mind as these were harsh and dark times in our history.

He was staring down at her and she started anew at the vision of the man; he was without his helm and it was her first clear glimpse of him. He had a granite jaw and long nose, and was relatively young and unmarred for one with such a ghastly reputation. His dual-colored eyes were still unnerving and dark brows arched intelligently over them. His hair, unrestrained by the helm, felt to his shoulders in a slick, dark sheet that reflected the light like a raven’s wing. He was not unhandsome in the least and that surprised her. For a man of such reputation, she had expected a beast.
“You will have to overcome your fear of knights.” “What do you mean?” “Screaming every time I walk into a room.” She pursed her lips irritably as she checked her box to make sure she had everything she needed. “I am not afraid of knights as a whole,” she eyed him. “Just certain ones who emerge from darkness like Lucifer himself.”
She studied his face, deeply acquainting herself with the human side of Jax de Velt. Until the past few moments, she hadn’t truly known that it existed. He was a war machine, a murderer, the most feared knight in the land. But she saw the vulnerability, the gentle qualities that all men possessed but that he kept tightly bottled up. It was an extraordinary show of unbridled weakness and she knew it.
“Wife?” she repeated, almost shouting. “I would not marry you if you were the last man on earth. You are a murderer and a thief. I do not want you!” “But I want you. And that is where this conversation shall end.” He threw open the door and practically dragged her to the base of the stairs that led to the upper floors. When she refused to mount the steps, he easily lifted her onto the first step and spanked her soundly on the bottom. “Go,” he ordered softly. “This is not over,” she growled. “I will fight you with the last breath in my body against this… this madness.” “Go or you shall feel my hand to your backside again.” Rubbing her bum, glaring at him, she disappeared up the stairs. Jax stood there until she vanished.

I enjoyed Jax and Kelli’s interactions and how she had him wrapped around her little finger and turned the most feared knight into mush every time she was in his presence. Some of my favorite parts was when Jax spanked Kelli’s bottom for punishment and how he figured out that she wanted him to do something by her referring to him as “My Lord”.

“Have no fear, love,” he murmured, kissing her again. “I will return to you, I swear it.” With a final kiss, he quit the solar, vacating into the sunset skies beyond the keep. Kellington went back to her bookkeeping, her thoughts lingering on the massive man with the two colored eyes and praying that he would keep his promises; all of them.
“Lock down the fortress,” he hissed at Denedor. “Lock it down and prepare for the worst. We have something he wants and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.”
All of his anger fled. My pet. She had called him something so simple, so sweet, and so unexpected that it blew the fury from him like the flame blowing from a candle. Aye, she had only said it because he had submitted to her will. But at the moment, he didn’t care. He’d never in his life felt such a thrill as he had when that small, simple word spilled from her lips. It was absolutely idiotic. But he couldn’t help it. For the first time in his life, it made him feel as if he belonged. It made him feel wanted.
“My love,” he murmured into her hair. “Do not worry so. ‘Tis true I have ambitions and always will, but for now, I believe I am satisfied. I have the greatest treasure a man could ever have. I’m not sure more castles or more wealth or more lands could ever compete with you and Cole.”

I can’t wait to read Kathryn’s other medieval knight novels.

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