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One Wore Blue

Author: Heather Graham    Series: Cameron Family Saga #4


She was velvet and silk, emerald eyes and sunstruck hair, Kiernan Miller had married one man to protect her from another. She hated Jesse Cameron with a fierce passion. But she was a widow now, and he was the enemy at her door, come with weapons of fire to melt her icy heart …


He wore a Yankee uniform with inimitable Southern style, as true to the Union cause as he was treasonous to his rebel roots. Even as war engulfed them all, he would find his greatest adversary in the beauty who’d branded him a traitor, the woman he was born to possess.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

I might be a bit biased since I feel an odd connection to the civil war and the time period but I found this book to be perfection. I know there isn’t any comparisons to GWTW and that novel is entirely in its own ballpark but I somehow enjoyed and got more invested into this. Why? Crazy? Then perhaps I shall claim that on the amazing characters – Kieran and Jesse. They were perfect for each other and knew one another so well. Both knew exactly what to say or do to get under each other’s skin. Kieran would push Jesse and he’d always pushed back – both giving as good as they received. Even when Kieran was infuriated and told him she hated him, she still loved him.

“I hate you, Jesse!” she reminded him. To her surprise, he smiled a slow, anguished, crooked smile. “I know,” he said, and added very softly, “and I still love you.”
“Hold out for the best there is, Kiernan. You should have it. Make sure that there’s fire. Maybe there’ll be ice, too, but hold out for the extremes, for the best, the brightest. Don’t accept anything lukewarm. Because you’re fire and ice, and you’re the brightest and the best, Kiernan.”
“If he can’t kiss you like this, Kiernan, don’t marry him.”
“Take care, Kiernan, with me. Test your powers on that charming almost-fiancé of yours, but not on me. Anything you start, Kiernan, I’ll finish.”

I liked how she was his neighbor [he was 10 years her senior] and he got to watch her grow and mature into a fine southern belle. I loved how he would tease her and when she became of age he threw in the towel and said ‘oh hell’ and finally kissed her.

“Well now, darlin’,” he drawled softly, and those eyes of his raked over her thoroughly with laughter, humor, and something else. Then his eyes landed upon her own. “You’ve grown up while I’ve been away.”
“Angel, indeed. An angel sent from hell to torment his every waking moment and beyond.”
“I thought you said you loved me.” “I can’t love a traitor.” “I’m not a traitor.” “You’re on the wrong side.” “There are no damned sides!” “Then swear!” she told him suddenly. “Swear that you would be on the right side—” “What would the right side be, Kiernan? Tell me that, please, will you?”
“My God, I have missed you!” he whispered. “You can’t imagine what it’s been like. In every drawing room where I have been a guest I’ve listened to the sound of rustling silk, and I’ve prayed that I could turn and see you there. And every damned night I’ve lain awake and thought of you, and even when I’ve slept, my dreams have been plagued by you. Every time I touched a woman’s hair, it seemed coarse in my hands because it was not yours, it wasn’t the color of fire, and it did not have the sheen of satin and the feel of velvet and silk. Words whispered have never been the same, you witch! Damn you. Damn you a thousand times over!”

Then we have Anthony – another young man who is pining after Kieran’s heart. He was a perfect gentleman – a far cry from Jesse who was rough around the edges. Even though I was team Jesse, my heart did have a fondness for Anthony – how he rode out of his way to get Kieran to marry him – a bit sad how things ended up for him though.

“Will you marry me now? Or will you at least think about it? I’ll march soon enough, now that Virginia has seceded, I know that. We’ll be going off to whip those boys in blue. Let me carry the memory of your love into battle with me!”
“Despite your daughter’s very inappropriate laughter at such a fine pack of soldiers for the Confederacy, I have come to ask you for her hand in marriage. No, sir! Your pardon, I take that back! I have come to beg you for her hand in marriage!”
“No, no, careful, love! Imagine, what would they all think if you suddenly slapped your host upon the dance floor? Your father would be aghast—I would be forced to tell him the truth about our relationship. Anthony would be horrified and honor-bound to come to your rescue to salvage your honor. He would be forced to challenge me. And in the duel I’d have to try damned hard to stay alive and at the same time manage not to kill the poor young fool. Is that what you want, Kiernan? The two of us—or three or more of us—fighting over you?”
“I do love you, Jesse, so much. And once it worried me, that I could love a Yankee so thoroughly, so desperately, so completely. But a friend told me something once. He said that I don’t love a Yankee, I love a man. And I do, Jesse, I love you. And the color that you wear can’t change the man that you are. I love that man.”

And finally Jesse got what he wanted – Kieran as his wife even if he did have to cohorts her into it. Daniel was also a great character too an I can’t wait to read his and their sisters story.

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