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And One Wore Gray

Author: Heather Graham    Series: Cameron Family Saga #5

Callie Michaelson knows all too well the costs of war. Her husband gave his life on the battlefield, fighting for the North. Now Callie’s only defense is to hunker down and hope the war blazes right on past her Maryland farm. But when a dashing Confederate soldier falls on her land, Callie is inexplicably roused to help this desperate, surprisingly vulnerable, and heartbreakingly desirable man.

After suffering the sting of defeat, Colonel Daniel Cameron wants nothing more than to heal his wounds and rejoin his retreating cavalry unit. But the look in the silver-gray eyes of the stunningly beautiful Yankee widow tells him to stay—at least for one night of passion. In Callie’s bed, Daniel forgets all about the horrors he has seen. He also forgets that he is too deep in Union territory to trust any woman. And soon enough Daniel discovers that wounds of the flesh are nothing compared to wounds of the heart.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

Another great read an enjoyable sequel to One Wore Blue.

“Can’t talk sense into Yankees, and can’t knock it into them, either!” Daniel complained. “I’m going to knock some into you, little brother, when this is over,” Jesse warned him.”

Daniel is in many ways like his brother Jesse, only a few years younger but his is definitely more hot headed, stubborn, and quick tempered of the two.

“Well, I have come back, angel. And I’m very anxious to pick up right where I left off. Let’s see, where was that? Your bedroom, I believe. Ah, that’s right. Your bed. And let’s see, just how were we situated?”

I loved his banter with Callie and that he returned to her after he thought she betrayed him. Even though he hated her for it – his thoughts kept returning to Callie – always wanting her, his angel.

“I don’t care to marry you.” The box went flying onto the bed. She shivered as he strode across the room to glare down at her. “What the hell do you mean, no?” “I mean ‘no.’ You haven’t even asked me. You’re rude and obnoxious. I hate you. You are truly—” “A Rebel rodent?” “Precisely,” she said pleasantly. “Why should I marry you?” “Because you have borne my son out of wedlock, madam, and because of him, I am willing to marry you.” “Well, I’m not willing to marry you.”
“Bastard!” she hissed. He smiled serenely. His grip was still upon her and he pulled her close, whispering. “The bastard you are about to promise to love, honor, and obey.” “I don’t love you.” “I’m merely shooting for two out of three, and the last two will do nicely.”
“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Colonel?” Callie demanded, struggling fiercely. It was all to no avail. She was swept up into his arms, and he was striding across the room to the stairway. “Going to bed. For that good night’s sleep. And like it or not, Mrs. Michaelson, you’ll be sleeping right beside me.” Those blue eyes met hers once again. “Right beside me. You do owe me, Mrs. Michaelson. That’s the way I see it, my angel.”
“What the hell are you doing?” “Trying to sleep.” “Why are you over there?” “Because I don’t care to sleep that close to you!” He arched a brow. “Oh, I see. Fickle. Eat my pie, but eschew my bed!” He was laughing at her, she thought. She turned her back on him, stretching out to try to sleep again. He sighed. “Get over here, Callie.” “I will not.” “Get over here.” “I will not sleep beside a bloody Reb who won’t even trust me!” “You’ve warned me that you’re a Yank through and through. I don’t dare trust you completely. Now, are you coming over here?” “No, I’m not!” He was on his feet, striding her way. She bolted warily to a sitting position. “Are you planning on apologizing?” she asked him. “No!” “Then I am not coming over!” “Give in, Callie.” “I will not. You give in.” “Hell no! I don’t give in. It’s all we Rebs have got.” “Well then, sir, we are at a statement, and no one wins!” He paused, directly above her. She shrieked out as he reached down and plucked her up into his arms. His hold was tight. His eyes were fierce. “No, Callie!” he corrected her as she stared at him, lips tight, body tense. “I win.” “Why the hell do you win?” “Because I’m bigger. And stronger. And because you’re going to sleep where I put you, that’s why!”

Their relationship was full of great interesting and humorous moments that I enjoyed. I will say I didn’t see the small twist about her first husband near the end.

“One more thing, Callie,” he called after her. He was stripping off his dirty frock coat, watching her. “What?” “I don’t call any man property—you know that we freed all of our slaves.” “Yes, you told me.” He smiled. “Well, I just want you to know that I do consider a wife a man’s property. You’ll be mine.” “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” Callie said sweetly in reply.”

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