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And One Rode West

Author: Heather Graham    Series: Cameron Family Saga #6


A regal beauty with raven hair and piercing blue eyes, Christa Cameron suffered the indignities of defeat in the Civil War’s bitter aftermath, her spirit unvanquished and her hatred of the victorious enemy undiminished. When marriage to a Yankee officer was the only way to save her plantation from confiscation, Christa coaxed Colonel Jeremy McCauley into a legal union, promising herself to keep her pride and purity intact. But her virile bridegroom had other ideas…


Succumbing to her courageous husband’s russet-haired, silver-eyed appeal, Christa rode west with the cavalry but remained a Rebel in her heart. Embarking on a trail off stampeding buffalo and wild Indians, a flower of the southern aristocracy was forced to play the part of loyal army wife. But it was only as a savage’s hostage that Christa learned the startling depths of her new husband’s devotion–and the extraordinary power of freedom–as she vowed to make the West her home… and to build a new world on the ashes of the old…

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

With the last on the series of the Cameron saga, we have And One Road West – Christa and Jeremy’s story.

“All right, McCauley. Just what the hell are you doing in bed with my sister? I need an explanation, and a good one!” “There’s a damned good one,” he said lightly, addressing Jesse but his eyes narrowing on Daniel. “She’s my wife.”

They were an odd pairing cohorted together by Christa to save Cameron Hall. She thought Jeremy would marry her to save her home then they’d get it annulled and go on their desperate ways but that’s where Christa was wrong. Jeremy had no intention to let her go and wanted her to make and accept it as a real marriage which she hated him for it.

“Oh, no, Christa. I didn’t say a thing about death. You’re going to live in hell right now. But let’s see, you would have married the devil—or old fur-faced Bobby-boy,” he reminded her. “But I think fur-face might have been preferable to me. In your eyes, madam, you have married the devil, haven’t you?” “A Yankee devil,” she agreed. It was already done. Why was he torturing her now? “A Yankee devil,” he repeated smoothly.”

Christa is used to batting her lashes and have others do as she says but not with Jeremy – he refuses to fall for her antics.

“Don’t bat your lashes at me, Christa. I know you hate the very sight of me,” he said flatly.”
“Touch me, and I’ll scream until every man in this camp is awake!” “My love, I am far too weary to touch you tonight. You should know that I don’t give a damn if you scream until you’re hoarse. In fact, princess, I have a word of warning for you. Be courteous tomorrow. Be courteous, or I will tan your hide. I will do so with an audience of dozens of men, and I will not care in the least what a single one of them has to say. Am I understood?” “You wouldn’t—” “Dare. Yes, I would. But don’t worry about your precious solitude this evening. My pillow offers far more comfort and warmth! But take care tomorrow!”

He shows her what you’d call tough love. They continued to bicker throughout the book till the end when Christa realizes she loves Jeremy. A good ending to this lovely saga.

“No, Christa, it’s not me. Maybe I’m not your Rebel lover. Maybe I am your Yankee husband. But in every way, I swear to you, I’ve sought to give what I would take. And I know that I’ve touched your senses. You hold back because you would continue to wage war in our bed. But I tell you, my love, no more. No more, after this night!” “Don’t—” she began. “Jesu, Christa! Give me a chance, give us both a chance!”
“I—I brought you from your home. But then discovered how much I loved you. Christa, you and Josiah are my life. And love is far stronger than any need for honor or glory in the West! You hold my heart in your hands. Carry it tenderly, my love. But carry it with you wherever you would go. The future is yours to decide.”

Heather is a wonderful story teller excelling on bringing these characters to life.

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