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Rescued by the Farmer

July 15th, 2016
Author: Mia Ross    Series: Oaks Crossing #2

Searching for a safe haven in the Kentucky hills, city girl Bekah Holloway encounters the unexpected—a handsome country boy who offers her help. Drew Kinley gives her a job working with wounded animals, but on the run from an abusive boyfriend, Bekah needs more than employment. She needs a hero.

Instinct tells Drew he’s the perfect man for the skittish beauty. But he’s spent a lifetime saving his family farm and now it’s his turn to see the world outside of Oaks Crossing. As Bekah finds her forever home, will Drew leave…or stay and embrace a future together?

My Review

I really enjoyed reading this. One thing that kinda bugs me and makes me a little impatient is when the hero and heroine doesn’t meet until about 25% into the book, but with this one, they meet within the first pages, which I liked very much.

Drew was a really likable character, always chipper, smiling, and joking. I like how he put our skittish heroine – Bekah – at ease when he was around her. Bekah doesn’t trust easily, but she warms up to Drew and learns to trust him, plus his family as well. He was very patient with her and he didn’t want to spook her as he could tell from the beginning that someone hurt her, which doesn’t settle well with him. He had every intention to show her that she could trust him and prove that he could be her hero.

This was a good quick read – 215 pages – with really great likable characters. I am glad I took the plunge and and bought this book to read on a whim. Another thing that I thought was absolutely cute about the cover was the corgi puppy that ‘Drew’ is holding. I love corgis and even got to experience of having one, so that little memento was a nice touch, or at least to me it was.

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