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Maybe Matt’s Miracle

January 12th, 2017
Author: Tammy Falkner     Series: The Reed Brothers #4

What he needed was a miracle…

Matthew Reed has seen his share of problems. But he’s a Reed and Reeds can overcome anything. Matt is content working in his family’s tattoo parlor with his brothers surrounding him. The only thing he’s lacking is the ability to have a family of his own. Then his battle with cancer leads him to meet a woman who just might need him as much as he needs her.

She didn’t need anything…

Skylar Morgan is happy. She has a boyfriend. Sure, he doesn’t make her heart pound faster and he really doesn’t support her when she needs it. But she doesn’t need much. Does she? She’s happy to be self-sufficient and she’s happy that she doesn’t have a tremendous amount of responsibility. She’s educated, has a great job, and she has enough money for a lifetime. But what she lacks, she doesn’t even realize until she meets him. And them. The ones who change her life forever.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

I am so happy to get to Matt’s story after reading the previous three books. For some reason he had a special place in my heart, perhaps it was due to what he had to endure – having cancer and almost dieing. It always makes you feel warm and happy when someone like him is granted another chance at life and maybe contended happiness.

I take his face in my hands and look into his eyes. “I like you a lot,” I whisper. “Not in love with me yet, though?” he whispers back, but his hands wrap around my hip and lock beside me, holding me close to him. “Not yet,” I say. He rubs his nose against mine in gentle little sweeps up and down, his eyes closed. My lips are so close to his that I can almost taste him.
“Be careful with him, okay?” he says. His voice is soft but strong, and I can tell he means it. “What?” I ask. I force myself out of my haze and focus on him. “I don’t know what you mean.” He starts to clean up toys, throwing them into a nearby toy bin. “He’s been through a lot,” Paul says. “I’m not sure he could survive another heartbreak. Not and stay the same, easygoing guy he is now. Don’t wreck him, okay?” he asks. He sighs out a breath. “I won’t,” I say. No one ever means to do that, do they? “He’s special,” Paul says. “Even before he got sick, he was different from the rest of us. He’s good and kind, and he still believes in the goodness of the heart. He needs to stay that way. So, don’t hurt him.” He says the last part quietly, so the kids can’t hear him. “I won’t,” I whisper. I want to challenge him and ask how dare he. But I can see the vulnerability in his eyes. I can see that it was hard for him to have this conversation with me.

Matt doesn’t meet the heroine on a happy occasion, but rather a sadder one. They personally meet at Skylar’s half sisters funeral – she died of cancer and was friends with Matt. He sits beside her, holds her hand for support. Right from the beginning Matt has feelings for her but she already has a boyfriend. But having a boyfriend doesn’t stop Matt, which he pursues Skylar once she dumps her boyfriend.

“There’s a really hunky guy standing in front of me, and he’s asking for you,” she whispers into the phone. What hunky guy would be asking about me? “What does he look like?” “He’s about six two,” she starts. “Six three,” I hear someone say. “Oh, six three,” she says. “He’s a big one.” She giggles. My heart jumps. “What color is his hair?” “Blond. And long.” It’s Matt. Oh shit. It’s Matt. “I’ll be right there,” I say. But my heart is thumping like crazy. What is Matt doing here? I hunt around under my desk for my shoes and slide them on. Then I straighten my skirt and run a hand down my hair to smooth it. A minute ago, I had it held up with a pencil. It’s just Matt, I tell myself. It’s Matt. “Do you want me to send him back?” the receptionist asks. She laughs again. “Or I can just keep him?” Definitely not. He’s mine. “I’ll be right there,” I repeat. I look down at my business suit. I hope I look all right. I guess it’s too late now to worry about it. I walk into the reception area and find Matt leaning against the glass doorway. He turns to face me and smiles. “Hi,” he says quietly. I walk toward him, my legs shaky. “What are you doing here?” I ask, but I’m grinning, too. I stop in front of him, one move short of leaning into him for a hug. The receptionist is watching really closely. “I came to see if you want to go to lunch.” He shrugs. He’s wearing black jeans and lace-up boots. A black T-shirt is stretched across his broad chest, and it’s tucked neatly into his jeans. I can see his tattoos. A piece of hair has fallen from his ponytail, and I want to reach up and tuck it behind his ear. “How did you find out where I work?” I ask. I motion for him to follow me. Thank you, I mouth at the receptionist, and she winks at me and gives me a thumbs-up. I shake my head, and Matt walks quietly behind me. “I texted Seth,” he says. “Traitor,” I say, but inside, I’m thrilled. “Did I come at a bad time?” he asks. He looks down at his wrist, even though there’s no watch on it. “I can come back later.” “No, no.” I don’t want him to leave. Ever. I lean against the edge of my desk. “I’m glad you’re here.” His voice is deep and soft when he responds. “I’ve been thinking about you all morning.” He shrugs, looking a little sheepish. “So I figured I’d drop by. I totally understand if you’re too busy, though.” He looks into my eyes. “I might cry if you send me away, but I’ll go.” I’m not going to send him away. Not a chance. “I don’t want you to go,” I say. He grins. “Good.” He looks around my office. “Do you have time for lunch?” “Oh!” I cry. “I thought you were just going to stand there and let me look at you. You actually want to go somewhere?” He laughs. “Yeah. I told you. I’m going to make you fall in love with me. Lunch is step one.” “What’s step two?” I ask impulsively. “If I told you, it wouldn’t work.” I nod. I want it to work. “Don’t tell me.” “Guy’s got to have some secrets.”

Matt was a kind and sweet to Kendra’s (Skylar’s half sister) children that was left in Skylar’s care. He chips in, helping her at times since this is all new to her. He doesn’t mind being the role model / father figure to them as he was told he’d probably never have his own children due to his cancer.

“I shouldn’t have gone there with you yet, but I can’t help it. I’m fucking dying to be inside you. I’m fucking dying to hold you close to me, hopefully when we’re both naked.” He grins. “But even more than that, I want you to love me. I want you to love me a lot, and I went about it the wrong way. Please forgive me.” He finally stops and draws in a deep breath. “Please.” “Matt…” I say. “When I saw your boyfriend, all I could think was that I could satisfy you so much more, mainly because I was jealous as hell that he’s been close to you. Maybe I was trying to get him off your mind and put myself there. Or maybe I’m just an idiot. It’s probably the latter. I admit it. I’m an idiot when it comes to you. But that’s okay with me. I hope it’s okay with you, too.” “Matt,” I say again. “Forgive me,” he urges. “I won’t ever do it again.” I bracket his face with my hands. “Would you shut up for a minute?” I say. He breathes out a sigh. “Okay.” “I’m not mad. Well, a little annoyed that Seth repeated something to you that he overheard in a private conversation. That’s about me and Seth, though, not about you. I’ll deal with him about that. And no, I’m not mad at you. There’s nothing to forgive.” He doesn’t say anything. He just looks into my eyes. “Really, Matt,” I say to assure him. “You completely shut me down, which I deserved. But I already miss you.” “I haven’t gone anywhere.”
I sit down next to him, and he pulls me to his side. Then he lies down so that I’m draped across him. My hip is tucked between him and the back of the couch. “I don’t want to go home yet,” he says quietly. He pulls my head down to his chest, and I press my face against it. His hand settles on the back of my head, and he starts to stroke down the length of my hair. “Then don’t go,” I say quietly. He doesn’t. He just threads his fingers into my hair and drags them down my back, over and over, until my eyelids grow heavy and I fall asleep on his chest. I wake up the next morning tucked into my own bed, the covers pulled up to my chin. I sit up and look around. Beside me on the pillow is a note. I open it up and read. Are you in love with me yet?

I love how he pursued her and kept asking her if she was in love with him yet and that he was gonna make her fall in love with him. He was such a sweet cheeky bugger.

“You took on all that responsibility without blinking an eye, just because those kids needed you. And I fell in love with you a little bit because of that. Because if you could love three kids you’d never met, you could maybe love me a little, too.” He beckons me forward. “You got room in your heart for me, Sky?” he asks. “I did warn you that I was going to make you fall in love with me.” I crawl across the bed until my chest touches his. I straddle his hips and look down into his beautiful face. “You win. I can’t live without you.” I kiss him. His lips are warm and soft and feel so right under mine. “I hope you’re ready for a big family.” “I’m ready for anything you give me.”

And with this story, the hero – yet again – gets cococked in the nose by the heroine so you know what that means again, right? Fate! But of course this one was an accident, a loose flying Wii control.

“What the fuck happened to your nose?” he asks. I look in the mirror over the sink. The skin under my eyes is a little purple, and I imagine there’s a good chance I’ll have two black eyes by tomorrow morning. “Skylar hit me,” I say. Pete snorts. “Shut the fuck up,” he says when I just look at him. “She really hit you?” “It was an accident,” I say. “We were playing Wii bowling, and the controller flew out of her hand.” I touch my nose. It actually hurts like a motherfucker. “You’ll have to marry her,” Logan says. “It’s a rule.” But he’s laughing. I’m not. “Yeah, I am kind of headed in that direction,” I say. I don’t look at either of them because I feel like they’ll see right through me. They always have been able to.

Another thing I really loved and was so glad that happened at the end was just perfect. I don’t want to go into details about what it is, but let’s just say the impossible happens for Matt and Skyler.

“Wow,” he breathes. “You like her that much.” I nod. “Yeah.” I scoff. “I’m not in love with her or anything”—I might as well be honest—“but I can’t get her off my mind.” “You done her yet?” Pete asks. “Done her?” I repeat. He makes a crude gesture with his hands. “Done her,” he says again. “God, no,” I breathe. “I haven’t even kissed her.” “Wow,” Logan says again. “Would you stop saying that?” I gripe. “You want to kiss her,” Pete says. “I want to do all sorts of things with her,” I admit. “But she’s special.” “Wow,” Logan says again. “Cut it out!” I shove his shoulder. “I remember when I brought Emily home. She slept in my bed for a long time before we ever had sex. It wasn’t about that. It was about those quiet, intimate moments. Those were what mattered. They fed my soul.” Leave it to Logan to hit the nail on the head. “Yeah,” I say. “Like that.” “I wanted to fuck her, too, but not until I knew it was permanent.” His comment is crass, and someone else might find it crude and uncaring, but I find it honest. “Same here,” Pete tosses out. “That’s how you know she’s the right one. When you would take hearing her voice over getting your rocks off.”
He takes a second to breathe me in and compose himself, then he drops to his knees and lays his forehead on my belly. He says something quietly to his unborn children, and I’m not even sure what it was, but I do know it was between him and them. Or him and God. I’m not sure which. Then he stands and looks up at the crowd. Half of them are as teary-eyed as we are. “Do you know what this means?” he asks our friends and family. They rumble, but he can’t hear one voice over another. He points to Logan. “This means my sperm are better swimmers than yours, little brother!” he says. He signs while he talks, and Logan flips him off. But he’s laughing.

One thing I wish was included somewhere throughout this book – or any book from this series – was what kind of cancer he had. It was never stated throughout the series. I am the type of person that has to know such things, and boy did I want to know. Other than that, I loved everything about it.

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