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Lakota Love Song

July 26th, 2016
Author: Madeline Baker    Series: N/A

When Kaylee Matthews finds a wounded Lakota warrior on her family’s property, she knows she must help him — even though it means concealing him from her watchful stepfather. As she secretly tends to the stranger’s injury, Kaylee feels a powerful attraction to this handsome, mysterious man — one that opens her eyes to an entirely new destiny.

Alone and weakened in the land of his enemy, Blue Hawk is determined to return to his village. Every moment he stays with Kaylee, the risk of discovery grows — but so does his desire for his lovely rescuer. She is his only hope of getting back to his people alive, and when she offers to come with him, he can’t refuse.

Kaylee and Blue Hawk’s shared passion soon sparks into an all-consuming love. But in a land divided by hatred and fear, it will take all of their courage to protect the future they cherish …

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

First off, I want to say that I am a big fan of Native American historical romances. There is something about these kind of stories that just speaks to me. I like how the hero, being a full blooded Native American man – or in some cases, half – falls in love with the heroine, whom is a white woman. Back in those times it was scandalous to love a Native, yet alone befriend one. I like how our hero and heroine comes from two entirely different worlds and cultures, learn to mesh both their worlds together to create something beautiful and learns to overcome the hate and prejudiced they may suffer at the hands of others whom condone their relationship. So it came to no surprise that I really, an I mean really LOVED Lakota Love Song by Madeline Baker. I have never read any of her books, but I have been ‘eye balling’ this one for months, which I didn’t want a kindle version of it as I had a feeling I would want a physical paperback copy of it, which I managed to find, thank heavens!

Blue Hawk and Kaylee were drawn to each other from the very beginning. He had hate in his eyes for all white man, but when his eyes would land on Kaylee, you would see gentleness in them. From the start he was never hateful or cruel to her, never raising a hand or threatening her in any way – like some do in other books -, he was always kind and patient with her. Kaylee was just as taken with him as he was with her, she loved his dark mysterious mesmerizing eyes and long raven hair. Originally he was going to bargain with the white men for guns in exchange for Kaylee, but as fate has it, there is other plans in store, which brings Blue Hawk around to realizing that he wants to keep Kaylee, he wants her as his wife, and they marry the Lakota way. Throughout the book, Blue Hawk teaches Kaylee how to survive living as his people does and teaches her the Lakota language. As you get to know Blue Hawk, he comes across as a bit mischievous at times with Kaylee, how he can sneak upon her without her even hearing him approach her, how he teases her, and when he gets that mischievous spark in his eye when he wants some lovin’ from his wife.

You can tell that he really cares deeply for her when he decides to return her back to her people and learn to live his life as a ‘white man’, even though he longs to live out in the open under the stars, he knows it is important for Kaylee to live near her family (he has lost many of his people due to war, starvation, and false promises from the American government) plus it would be safer to raise their family that way.

One thing I loved about the book is how the title is explained. Blue Hawk states that a young Indian brave will sit outside his loves tepee playing her a beautiful ‘love song’ melody on a flute while courting her. Kaylee finds the music beautiful and asks Blue Hawk if he would play her a love song even though they are married – which it never states he does, but he agree that he would. I for one, would love to hear the beautiful music of the Lakota’s long song.

Another favorite scene of mine that I want to mention is when after Kaylee returns home, 2 young women come to visit her – technically they aren’t really her friends but she is familiar with them. Their real purpose is to question her about her stay with the Indians, asking questions as if they really eat their young, what do they look like, and how they live. Kaylee is lost at words on what to tell them, when Blue Hawk sneaks into the house – which she sees him – and she goes on to telling them tales to startle them all the while Blue Hawk is in the background, mimicking the tales Kaylee is telling, while grinning and silently chuckling at the two womens’ expressions of hour. I just loved that part, it had me chuckling, plus it shows his mischievous playful side as well.

While reading this, I was already familiar with some of the characters and places that Madeline penned – Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Custer, and Little Big Horn by watching the mini series on tv ‘The American West’, which really piqued my interest and made everything 10 times interesting. I for one, know I will be looking into more books by Madeline Baker in the near future as I absolutely enjoyed reading this Native American story.

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