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June 13th, 2016
Author: Catherine Anderson    Series: N/A



Race Spencer’s gunslinging days are far behind him. He is now a respectable rancher, but it’s a solitary life. But then Fate lead Race to an earthbound angel — lost and alone, the sole survivor of an outlaw attack — and even his hardened heart is moved. He sweeps the ivory-skinned beauty into his arms and carries her away from danger.


When innocent Rebecca Morgan wakes up in a stranger’s embrace, she knows her life has been changed forever. Though Race’s touch makes her blood sing and stirs up emotions in her she never knew existed, she knows this man has a fearsome reputation. And though her life may depend on him, she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Is it love she sees in her rescuer’s dark eyes?

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

Catherine always pens good historical westerns and this is no exception. Race and Rebecca were great characters.

Him being one fourth Indian whom is a former gunslinger that is trying to better his life with cattle ranching. Rebecca is a young woman (around 19 or 20 if my memory is correct) traveling west with her family to meet up with their church members in New Mexico when they get ambushed – all slaughtered except for her. That is how our hero and heroine meet – rescues her from the outlaws that killed her family and church members. Rebecca is horrified and shocked by the horror that she has experienced and clings to Race like a baby opossum does to its mama. She is terrified to be out of his sight, only feeling sage when he is near. After seeing to and taking care of Rebecca, they both start to fall for each other. He is an uneducated man who can’t read a lick, thinks he isn’t good enough for an eastern educated girl like Rebecca but he eventually throws his thoughts aside and takes her back to his ranch and makes her his wife – the Indian way. Not too long after, the outlaws are back after her, which Race and his men take care of them. By them returning, it frightens Rebecca back into shock, making her despondent. Not knowing what to do, Race takes her to her family’s people for help as he doesn’t want to lose her.

The main man behind the outlaw attacks gets wind of Rebecca’s arrival in New Mexico has more men set out to attack them again plus the church folk. Rebecca ends up being taken, used as bait to draw out Race. He shows up, tosses his guns aside and gets beaten – all to save her. Suddenly she awakens from her shock induced stupor, finds one of the outlaws guns – please keep in mind her family were Quakers who believe in non violence nor ever resulting to using weapons – shoots it like Race taught her to save her husband.

While I did enjoy Rebecca, she did have her moments. I guess I can’t say anything as I’ve never experienced what she has, so who knows how I’d act. My two ultimate favorite scenes is when she punches Race in the nose – mind you he didn’t expect this as she is from the Quaker belief – breaking it, causing him to bleed like a stuck pig and my other favorite scene is when they are consummating their marriage, she asks him what he’s doing and he replies from under the quilts ‘Just my husbandly duties Darlin’. Those two scenes were just hilarious to me. I will say that I liked this story, but I didn’t love it. Why? The whole story takes play within about 1-3 months. I like for my stories to be told over time, not the whole book within a couple months. Oh well, since I am big epilogues, at least that makes up for that.

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