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Angel’s Peak

December 2nd, 2017
Author: Robyn Carr    Series: Virgin River #9

Four years ago, Air Force sweethearts Franci Duncan and Sean Riordan reached an impasse. She wanted marriage and a family. He didn’t. But a chance meeting proves that the bitter breakup hasn’t cooled their sizzling chemistry.

Sean has settled down in spite of himself — he’s not the cocky young fighter pilot he was when Franci left, and he wants them to try again. After all, they have a history … but that’s not all they share.

Franci’s secret reason for walking away when Sean refused to commit is now three and a half: a redheaded cherub named Rosie who shares her daddy’s emerald-green eyes. Sean is stunned — and furious with Franci for the deception.

News travels fast in Virgin River, and soon the whole town is taking sides. Rebuilding their trust could take a small miracle — and the kind of love that can move mountains.

This book may contain explicit intimate scenes, so if you are not 18+ then I probably wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
My Review

As I was reading this synopsis of this book, I knew it was gonna be good and I was right, it didn’t let me down one bit. I was hooked from the very beginning when Sean first spots Franci after not seeing her for four years. I love how once seeing her again, it awakens feelings for her that was dormant and practically non existent. He makes up his mind pretty quickly that he wants a second shot at what they had, so he pursues her relentlessly until she agrees to have coffee and a civilized conversation with him.

“Franci, let me buy you a cup of coffee. Let’s catch up a little.” “Ah… No, I don’t think so, Sean,” she said, shaking her head. “I’d better get—” “I looked for you,” he said impulsively. “To say it was a mistake, the way we broke up. We should talk. There might be things we can work out that we were both too stubborn to—” “Listen, don’t even go there, Sean. It’s all in the past. No hard feelings,” she said. “So good luck and good—” “Are you married or something?” he asked. She was startled. “No. But I’m not looking to go back to the discussion that ended us. Maybe you were able to just blow it off, but I—” “I didn’t blow it off, Franci,” he said. “I looked for you and couldn’t find you anywhere. That’s why I want to talk.” “Well, I don’t,” she said. She opened her car door. “I think you’ve probably said enough on that subject.” “Franci, what the fuck?” he asked, confused and a little angry by her immediate rebuff. “God, can’t we have a conversation? We were together for two years! It was good, me and you. We never had anyone else, either one of us, and—” “And you said it wasn’t going any further.” She stiffened her back. “In fact, that was one of the nicer things you said. I’m glad you’re doing fine—you look just the same, happy as can be. Say hello to your mother and brothers. And really, don’t push this. We decided. We’re over.” “Come on. I don’t believe you mean that,” he said. “Believe it,” she shot back. “You made a decision—you didn’t want a commitment to me. And here you are—you don’t have one. Bye. Take care.”
His hand came up to cradle her jaw, his fingers reaching into her short hair. “Before we do that, let’s just talk about it.” “What do you want from me, Sean?” He moved still closer, leaning down, his mouth just barely above hers. “I want you, Franci. I shouldn’t have let you get away.”

Some of the best scenes and humorous gist is when Sean learns he is a father, that he has a 3 1/2 year old daughter, Wild Iwish Rose – Rosie – whom has his family’s Irish characteristics – red hair and green eyes. The part where Rosie gives him a secret makeover and her having Franci make sure she whipped her tush good was down right priceless. The way Robyn wrote Rosie, her antics and not quite pronounced speech made her a very believable 3 1/2 year old child, which in my honest opinion made this story 10x better.

“I didn’t want to face it. I knew you’d be angry…she’d be confused—things could get real complicated. And I was afraid you might not acknowledge…her…” He frowned. “Not acknowledge her?” he asked in confusion. She took a deep breath and stiffened her spine. “I knew you didn’t want a child—you were very clear. And really, I didn’t want anything from you. So I thought you might say she wasn’t yours and you didn’t want—” He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to him, his nose nearly touching hers. “Listen to me. It was only you and me. There were never any others—not for either one of us. We were more married than half the married people we hung out with. If you had a baby, she was mine. You think I wouldn’t own that?”
“Listen, I was wanting to ask you a couple of things. Like about your daddy. What do you know about your daddy?” She turned back to the stove again, very busy, very intent on her imaginary project. “He has a big plane,” she said without looking at him. “He’s bery important with a big plane.” “Is that so?” She nodded. “I have news for you, Rose. It turns out I’m your daddy. How about that?” She looked over her shoulder at him. She didn’t look terribly impressed. “Where’s the plane?” Sean’s hearing was exceptional, despite the roar of jet engines for the past ten years and the blasting of rock bands in the O Club on top of that. He heard a muffled giggle he recognized as Rosie’s mother. The sneak. He leaned over to peek out the bedroom door, but he didn’t see her. “At Beale Air Force Base. That’s where the plane is kept when it’s not flying. Would you like to see it sometime?” Rosie nodded so vigorously her curls bounced and her tiara slid farther to one side. “Can I go for a wide in it?” “That’s not allowed, I’m afraid. You can go inside with me while it’s parked on the ground.” “My mommy goes in the helifropter.” “You mean helicopter?” he asked. Again she bobbed enthusiastically. “Uh-huh. Helifropter.”

I know we got bits of Sean from Luke’s book, but I feel like you really get to know him with this one. I just loved him. He was very playful, mischievous, and down right hilarious that his scenes were highly entertaining for me. Plus him and Franci were so good together, I really was enjoyed them both.

“Now look,” he said. He felt the back collar of his shirt and jacket clutched in an iron grip and he whirled on the giant, hitting him square in the jaw with his fist. He suspected he’d broken his hand, but no way was he letting on. He did wince in pain, however, while the very large man merely turned his brick of a face to the side. “You shouldn’t’a done that, little man,” the guy said. It took him roughly one second to draw back his fist and plaster Sean in the face hard enough to send him reeling into the melons. Then to the floor. Sean saw a lot of stars and was aware of the melons as they began to bounce around the produce section. And there was blood—he wasn’t sure where from since his entire face felt as if it had been through a meat grinder. “Hey!” Franci shouted. “What’s the matter with you? I told you to leave it alone, he’s harmless!” “No good deed goes unpunished, I guess,” the big man said. “It looked like you needed help. Maybe you like being grabbed like that in the grocery store, huh, babe?” Sean muttered something about not being harmless and tried to get to his feet, without success. The big man said, “Just stay down where you are, buster.” But Sean was intent on getting up and he’d just about made it to his feet when the man took two giant steps in his direction. That was all it took for Franci to launch herself on the lumberjack with a cry of outrage. She had her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist and screamed bloody murder while pummeling him on the back. “I. Told. You. To. Leave. Him. Alone!” she shrieked. Paul Bunyan whirled around and around, trying to shake her loose, but she was on him like a tick on a hound. Then the scene got a lot more interesting. “No! No! No! No! No!” screamed a store manager, running up to them, followed closely by another man and a couple of young bag boys. A crowd gathered and the grocery employees peeled Franci off the lumberjack, but she was kicking her heart out the whole time. “The police are coming!” the store manager yelled. “Stop this at once! Stop!” And Sean absently thought, This really isn’t going how I planned.

I also liked the update on Luke and Shelby. I can’t wait to read more about their future little family.

He went into the hall bathroom that separated the two bedrooms and lifted the lid. He yawned. He scratched his head and felt foreign objects in his hair. While he continued to aim the stream into the commode, he leaned to the left to look in the small mirror over the sink and almost had heart failure. He actually might have jumped and briefly missed the pot. Sean had little-girl “things” in his short hair—clips, bows, ponytail bands, jeweled bobby pins. And there was something else—he scraped off some Scotch Tape. His hair was too short so some of that stuff was taped on! But that was the least of it—he had a bright red Angelina Jolie mouth that went way out of the lines. Blue eyelids and pink cheeks. He looked like a clown. He zipped his pants. Then he wet a finger under the faucet and rubbed it over his eyelid. Nothing changed, except that he saw his fingernails were bright green. He washed his hands vigorously. Oh, God—he’d been tattooed in his sleep! He took the bar of soap to his lips; no amount of scrubbing helped. “Frannnnn-ciiiii!” he yelled. A moment later she tapped at the door and he jerked it open. She was casually drying her hands on a dish towel while he was scowling. “Magic marker, I think,” she said, before he could ask the question. “Why?” he asked desperately, totally stunned. Franci shrugged. “She’s not allowed to touch my makeup. And she thinks you look wonderful.” Then she grinned. He stiffened and pursed his lips. “I’m pretty sure I’m out of uniform.” She chuckled. “We’ll think of something. Are you staying for dinner?” “I can’t go out like this!” “Okay, let’s try some fingernail polish remover on your green nails, have some dinner, and then I’ll see what I can do about your, ah, makeup. Really, Sean, rule number one—never close your eyes on a three-year-old.”

To some people, reading about a 50+ year old characters romance may not be interesting or thrilling, but I really enjoyed reading Maureen and George’s part. He was a bit of a hoot and quite for are and blunt with Maureen. When he made it quite apparent that he was interested in her, it was like she was a deer caught in a cars headlights, she fled the scene so fast that you would of sworn she left a dust trail behind her. Now that bit was pretty funny and quite entertaining as well.

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Sean asked. “Are you kidding?” Luke said. “Shelby’s already asleep. She feels like shit.” “Again?” Sean asked. “Jeez, what’s the deal?” “You haven’t guessed? She doesn’t want to tell anyone yet, but she’s pregnant.” “Luke!” came Shelby’s loud, strident voice out of the background. “It’s just Sean!” Luke yelled back. “I thought you were asleep!” Sean chuckled into the phone. “Well, kind of seems like you two don’t have to try real hard to reproduce. You might want to keep an eye on that.” “No kidding. Don’t tell Mom yet. Shelby wants to get past a couple of months. Even though she hurls every morning and falls asleep by seven every night, she wants to be sure.” “Perfectly understandable,” Sean said.
They’d only gone a few steps when she whacked him in the back of the head. “Ma!” he yelled, a hand going to his head as he whirled on her. “Holy Mother Mary, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! Were you raised by wolves?”

I will say that with TJ, I knew he had something shady going on when the mention of the so called rumors of ‘Professor Hottie’ came up. He was so not worth Franci’s time.

“My world is so huge right now—when a Wide Iwish Rose puts her arms around my neck and calls me a silly daddy, my heart almost doesn’t fit in my chest. That Rosie—she isn’t just an idea. She’s more than I could have imagined if my imagination had gone into overdrive.” Franci was quiet for a moment. Then she put a spoonful of ice cream to his lips. “I know,” she said. “You’ve turned yourself into a wonderful silly daddy.” He swallowed the ice cream. “I need you to forgive me for the man I was… If you can.” “I forgave you when I saw you with our daughter. It’s all different now.” “I know I suggested marriage before, but you were onto me. I was just trying to check off the items on my to-do list. It isn’t like that now. I want to marry you because you’re the most important thing in my life. You’re the beat of my heart, Franci—the mother of my child, my best friend and my future. I love you more than anything. I love Rosie as much. I’d lay down my life for either one of you.” “Sean…” she said in a whisper, tears coming to her eyes. “I’m so sorry I had my head up my ass when we were together before—if I could do that whole time over, I’d prove to you that I’m not completely brainless. I love you, baby. You and Rose.” “I know,” she whispered. “We love you, too.” “Will you marry me?” he asked. He grinned. “Bite the dust with me? Spend our lives as husband and wife?” “I will, of course. You’re obviously useless on your own.” “We can plan a wedding or do it quick or wait to decide when I get orders—it’s up to you. Anything you want. But let’s get a license right away so we’re ready, because I need the official contract. I want to be your legal partner as well as your lover and best friend. And let’s get you a ring. Will you consider taking my name, baby? And let me give it to Rosie?” “Uh-huh,” she said, a fat tear rolling down her cheek. “It’s just details, honey—but the important part is right this minute, when we make the decision that we’re a family now.” “We’re a family now,” she said. “Whew,” he said. “I thought you’d probably say yes, but there was a little worry in the back of my mind that maybe I had more to prove. Thank you.” He leaned toward her and covered her lips with his. “Thank you,” he said again. “I love you so much. So let’s get the license and ring this week—what do you think?” She put her bowl on the bedside table. “I think my ice cream is soup, so you should close the door and take my clothes off. What do you think?” He grinned hugely. “I think I’m going to love being married to you.”

When I was coming to the near end, I really didn’t want this book to end. I just loved all the characters so much that I wanted it to go on and on. This one was definitely one of my favorites if this series and I cannot wait to read more books about Aiden, Colin, and Patrick – the other Riordan brothers.

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